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HOME SIGNUP FEATURES SUPPORT   FORUMS BLOG is a versatile and advanced server monitoring system. It allow you to keep track of your servers' health, uptime and response speed. You can track as many servers as you like and utilize a wide range of options for alerts and much more.
There are three basic account types, suitable for different needs.

Single Site Account: This account is suitable for people who need to track just one site, but want some of the advanced premium features. With this account, you can track your site as frequently as every 5 minutes. You can set your monitor to not only check that your monitored page loads, but that it also contains a specific keyword that is expected to be on it. You can restrict your monitor to check your site from a specific geographic location, get statistical graphs, RSS alerts, Jabber, Twitter and SMS alerts (you get 5/60 SMS credits every month/year), private stats allowing you to hide your graphs and status from the public and more..

For those with more advanced needs and multiple servers which require powerful monitoring, the Small Biz or Big Biz accounts may be more suitable.

Small Biz Account: Starting with 50/600 SMS credits a month/year, Small Biz accounts suit those who need even more robust and versatile monitoring features and tools. This account type supports Port based monitors, keyword based HTTP/webpage monitoring, frequent monitoring (up to every minute) and all the alert types available including SMS, RSS, Twitter, Jabber and Email. The Small Biz account type is only topped by the most robust one - Big Biz - which is designed for heavy duty monitoring.

Big Biz Account: This account type includes all the features in ServerMojo and is built with much higher limits than all previously described accounts. With Big Biz, you can have five times more monitor tests per hour with an unlimited number of monitors created. You can receive alerts by email, twitter, jabber, RSS and you get 6000 credits/year for SMS alerts. You can create a regex 'Value Extract' monitor - which allows you to extract and store data from a monitored webpage, later to be used for statistical analysis. Everything ServerMojo has to offer, is in this account type and many more features are on the way.

We want to allow people the ability to use all these ServerMojo features for free so we offer a 30 day free trial on all accounts with no obligation and no billing info required - you can really try before you buy.

As well as a free trial on the above premium accounts, we also offer a completely 100% free monitoring account which may suit your needs. This account is suitable for the basic need of monitoring a single server, through either HTTP or Ping and you can receive alerts via Email or Twitter. In order to maintain this free account you must 'recharge' your account by visting your account periodically. You can of course upgrade your free account to a premium account at any time to take advantage of the more advanced features.

See the below features table and click on each feature's name to view a detailed explanation about the feature.
Also, view the help pages on the support page or just contact us with any question you might have..

NOTE: Features appearing in gray are NOT YET AVAILABLE in ServerMojo and may or may not be included at a later stage.
Free Single Site Small Biz Big Biz
Monitors 11UnlimitedUnlimited
Alerts 10/resetUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Tests/Hour 1/hour12/hour500/hour2500/hour
SMS Credits: (non accumulative) 060/year or 5/mon600/year or 50/mon6000/year or 500/mon
Ping - TraceRoute
HTTP - Port
HTTP - Login
HTTP - Keyword
Port Scan
DNS - Port
Email - Port
MySQL - Port
Value Extract
Free Single Site Small Biz Big Biz
Scan Intervals:
Every 15+ min
Every 10 min (Free w/ SMS)
Every 5 min (Free w/ SMS)
Every 1 min (Free w/ SMS)
Per Monitor Parameters/Tools:
Restrict Location/Continent
Custom Timeout
Alert on Slow Response
No-Check (maintenance) Times window
Alerts on.. (Offline/Online/Both)
Detect Downtime Patterns
Detect Slow Response Patterns
Free Single Site Small Biz Big Biz
Monitors Statistics/View:
Mini Buttons
Yearly Stats/Graphs
Monitor Comparison Tool
Location/Continent specific graphs
TraceRoute View
More Features/Tools:
Make Statistics Private
Advertising Free
Full API
Custom Account Timezone
Alerts only after X tests
Custom Per-Monitor Timezone
CSV Data Download
Snooze Alerts
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